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Christopher Emmett

Licensed massage therapist
Certified personal trainer
Yoga teacher

I'm the bodyworker that gets your body working better.

Pain is a symptom of something *dysfunctioning* in your body, whether it's in a particular tissue or the biomechanics of how your muscles move your body. Healthy muscle tissues are open and supple, they are both flexible and strong.

Anatomy informed muscle therapy to resolve pain issues. Myo fascial and Neuromuscular therapy. Yoga and functional fitness training. 

I usually start with a 90 minute session of hands on massage therapy: neuromuscular, myofascial, and sometimes swedish. (I'm skilled in a wide range of methods. -click here- )


Kindle the Forge of optimal wellness.
Rekindle your original strength.


Reclaim your birthright of health through the fundamentals of natural movement. From wisdom and insight of ancient practices like yoga to pre-industrial physical lifestyles, we're rediscovering ways to regain the resilience of our ancestors. In today's sedentary and stress-filled world, we often overlook simple daily practices like breathwork, stretching, and brief meditations that can reverse the effects of stagnation and stress. Many gym routines neglect the inherent functionality of the human body and its alignment, form, core, and control. By embracing foundational movements and incorporating tools like kettlebells and bands, we can challenge stability and build full-body strength. Let's return to basics with healthy habits like staying hydrated, connecting with nature, and prioritizing daily movement. Join me in a coaching relationship for accountability, training, and therapy.


“Now, you shall look into this here forge, as long as you can see the fire in it, and the snake sparks rising from it, and the coals turning red, and feel the shoes, in the way of your own feet, a-stirring about that you've got a mind to make, and think what a happiness it is to know that when I wear out my life, in working, I'm working out mine in being useful to my fellow creatures."

In Charles Dickens' novel "Great Expectations," Joe Gargery's forge is used as an analogy for health and personal growth. Pip, the main character, reflects on the transformative power of the forge, where dull bodies become sharp weapons or even bright angels. Just as a blacksmith shapes metal, care and attention from others can shape and improve our physical and emotional well-being. By embracing life's challenges and forging ourselves like durable steel tools, we become stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to fulfill our purpose.

Thai Massage
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