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Myo-fascial - biostructural technique
(i.e. myo-fascial release/MFR, shear)

Fascia: The elastic that holds the whole body together. The suspension cables of the organic suspension bridge. Structure, alignment, and posture of the body. Allows for organ movement independence and synergy.

Fascia is connective tissue. It is a web that runs continuously through the body in every direction between all the organs. As fascia runs through muscle we call it myofascia. The fascia has it's own health and function that we care for and maintain. It simultaneously binds organs/muscles together while also pliable allowing movement between the muscles allowing muscles to have their own independent function but tightening up between muscles when they work together. Often times there is adhesion between muscles that causes muscle movement problems and pain. Tightly bound lines through the fascia may exist through whole parts of the body or the entire body. This tension may be aligned well for function or the tension creates structural or postural distortions as well as movement distortions. To address deep fascia we avoid gliding on skin but rather tractioning.  This is with a technique call "shear" when on dry skin. We can also shift skin and fascia well through cloth when we press directionally with the body lines, sometimes pressing into key handle points of the body which is felt as a "stretch." Skin pulls fascia. Fascia pulls muscle.

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