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Integrated Wellness and Fitness coaching with Forge Wellness

I am redesigning the website to reflect more of what Forge Wellness is, leading with fitness based wellness coaching. Changes to how I will be practicing as a service provider are coming. The link and the vagaro scheduler functions are still here for established massage therapy clients to keep doing business as usual. I am a very knowledgable and talented massage therapist bodywork, but ultimately everything I do is for making actual positive change in your life, and ultimately that does require regular action on your part. That is my vision of what therapy is, like training or coaching, it is goal oriented and making change, and I will be requiring my clients to have a communicative relationship coaching you with at least weekly phone call check ins for creating new healthy habits like stretching, hydration, taking breaks from the desk, short yoga routines, or full on personal training with regular planned work outs. I'm not just a business that sells massages, I sell solutions to your stress, pain, and movement or fitness needs. Empowerment. In the near future I will require at least a small monthly membership fee for coaching or training in order to receive massage therapy from me.

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