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Starting August 1 no longer at 1802 Broadway

I just moved to LaMarque. I will be available similar hours as before for massaging out of a room in my house specifically for my yoga practice and massage therapy.


I rarely get multiple appointments in a row so it's not great paying rent on an office where I have to make a longer drive for sometimes one appointment at a time. I'm still working on how to market myself right and to the clientelle in need as the bodycare expert, muscular kinesthetic care; stress, pain, and mobility solutions. As a licensed massage therapist getting listed as a "massage business" is tough for people to realize what I am as oppose to a massage establishment aka a day spa for the most convenient booking for "just a massage" (and with a female that doesn't challenge their views of gender roles in professions).


I'm working 4 shifts a week at the Galvez Spa as an employee. Over the summer with tourism it's near guaranteed income working for commission and tips (as this profession always is). I don't mind giving relaxation massages. I somewhat enjoy it. In private practice where I have to get my own clients where at the spa I just show up and go through the motions, it's really important I stand out and get recognized for doing real therapy, corrective work that people need more than they realize, methods and insight that I know that I'm great at that I don't see most other masseuses around here doing.


After the summer I will reassess what I am doing in business. I really want to branch out more with helping people get healthier in their bodies kinesthetically with fitness and yoga, as these are my aptitudes and values as well. I am teaching at World Gym Wednesdays 7pm and Thursdays 10 am, hopefully my reputation starts spreading there. Ideas of a neighborhood running club, neighborhood yoga classes.

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