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Personal training and Wellness Coaching

Hello! I'm so excited you are here! Personal Training and Wellness Coaching is going to be central to Forge Wellness moving forward.  Just as the therapy I apply make real shifts and change in the body, change is a must in intention and action on behalf of my clients. This is nothing to overwhelm about! I will be starting small with rolling out this practice plan. Plans with different levels of involvement and training will be offered scaled and priced accordingly. Plans at the low end will start with minimal investment, very small monthly cost for weekly telephone check ins as I encourage you to stick with new healthy habits that we discussed and agreed to, customized to you. This could be super simple like stretching everyday and drinking a gallon of water everyday.

As we speak I am working on the website tools for displaying suggested wellness plans for daily healthy living, home exercise routines, technique demonstration videos, stretches, breathwork, meditation, and other yoga stuff. I will in the near future be ready for in person training plans, traditional training schedules, and payment plans like meeting 4 times a week. I will be working out the details of communication and business process of doing these plans with my website tools.

Soon there will be a formal intake form application and coaching agreement consent form on this page. For now if you're eager to get the conversation started, below is brief request form. Suggested donation of $25 which can be sent via Venmo @christopheremmett, Cash App $ChristopherBodywork, PayPal, and use my phone number 6364842626 for Zelle or Apple pay. Point of Sales through the website will be available for making payments, but there is no sliding scale donation function using the website POS tools.

Application for Wellness and Fitness Coaching
with Christopher

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