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Christopher Emmett

Fitness and yoga based wellness coach, personal trainer, and bodyworker.

Christopher beach hair

- Bachelor of Arts Psychology, Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer NASM

Forge Wellness body care expert and owner. Countless years of hatha yoga and a variety of fitness experience, a team sports athlete from high school, and continual performance training, Christopher has explored the best methods for all around results for best movement, practical strength, and durability. Formerly a licensed EMT, Christopher has held jobs as nurse aid, ER tech, and medical assistant, giving him an edge on understanding and carrying out a clinical thought process and patient report.

Hands on with massage therapy clients, Christopher limits himself not to exclusive modality. Integrating deep methods to get to what ever tissue is stagnant, he brings a soothing presence with quality of touch and reassuring confidence to relax, restore, and realign the self.
Effective clothed or unclothed bodywork, broad pressure the muscles feel the unfurling, to fine work isolating muscles, Christopher integrates different methods from myo fascial release structural work to trigger point neuro-muscular work.

Christopher does Thai mat massage, integrating yoga form into mobilizing the client for relaxing positional release or deep stretching. It’s like the therapist is doing yoga asana to you.

Christopher does circulatory Swedish massage to soothe and flush muscles.

Licensed in massage therapy January 2017, 200 hr yoga teacher certified October 2014, BA Psychology December 2010, EMT certified August 2010, NASM CPT March 2023

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