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Functional Fitness

I'm not going to say "slim down and tone up."

Achieve a healthy lifestyle by prioritizing fitness, enhancing your movement capabilities, and experiencing overall well-being. When seeking personal training, common needs include gaining knowledge and understanding of your specific fitness requirements, mastering proper form and body mechanics to improve practical movement and strength, and developing tailored routines. Forge Wellness is dedicated to empowering you with education, guidance, and personalized routines to enhance your overall fitness and cultivate long-lasting healthy habits.

At Forge Wellness, we define fitness as the kinesthetic health, resilience, and capability of the body. It encompasses the functionality and well-being of the muscles, including elasticity and strength. Combined with the body's vestibular functionality, it involves positional awareness, balance, and coordination, enhancing mobility and leverage.

Fitness also encompasses the metabolic capacity of muscles to efficiently process energy, nutrients, and oxygen. Additionally, it involves the body's effective recovery, rebuilding and transitioning into anabolic states while minimizing acidity and debris. This leads to reduced soreness and aches following physical exertion.

Our comprehensive approach at Forge Wellness nurtures your body's innate potential, fostering optimal health and performance. In other words, we help you move better and feel better. Whether you're competing in fitness or sports, or simply engaging in daily tasks like carrying groceries, cleaning, or dancing, our goal is to enhance your capability and enjoyment of movement. Regardless of age, everyone can benefit from exploring different movements and muscle activations. Don't wait until you're unable to perform basic tasks or injured to prioritize your fitness health. If you've used a past injury as an excuse for avoiding certain movements and have already been discharged from Physical Therapy, Forge Wellness is the right fit for you.

It's important to note that Forge Wellness Fitness is not focused on physique training. While it will lead to a healthy body composition, our approach goes beyond aesthetics. We steer away from unrealistic or unsustainable goals for muscle mass and rapid or extreme body fat reduction. By prioritizing functionality, we naturally achieve a healthy physique.

Experience Forge Wellness and embark on a journey towards improved movement, enhanced well-being, and a sustainable healthy lifestyle.



Forge Wellness prioritizes fitness for a healthy lifestyle, enhancing movement capabilities and overall well-being. Our personal training addresses specific fitness needs, including form, body mechanics, and tailored routines. We provide education, guidance, and personalized routines to nurture your fitness and cultivate lasting habits. Our definition of fitness encompasses muscle health, mobility, coordination, and efficient recovery. At Forge Wellness, we focus on functionality rather than appearance, resulting in healthy movement, healthy strength, and a healthy physique. Discover the joy of movement, regardless of age, and explore new exercises to optimize your fitness. Join us to move better, feel better, and enjoy a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

Future expansion of Forge Wellness Fitness offerings to-be-announced. (pictures here are my "vision board" for my future gym.) Currently I offer private educational instructional sessions at client choice location, 60 - 90 minutes, $60. Lower cost per session with monthly payments and frequency. See "memberships" on the scheduler. Travel fee sometimes added. Reach out to me with inquiries. Let me know how I can help.
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