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Book Private Yoga Event

Private yoga class for you and your friends.

Yoga lesson at your Galveston get-away retreat.

Multi-part yoga workshop to deepen your yoga journey.

Exercises, instructional guidance, philosophy and dharma lessons.

Common one hour classes are a general pose and flow, stretches and strengthening with instructed breathing.

Longer class lengths can be utilized for more detailed and personalized instruction and lesson.

Specializations include postural alignment and muscle activation. Therapeutic implementation of hatha yoga as functional fitness and functional pain relief. Instruction on creating ease in the body breath centered in active asana or restful reclined yoga asana.

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Yama (attitudes toward our environment)

Niyama (attitudes toward ourselves)

Asana (postures, the physical form of the self)

Pranayama (breath practice)

Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses)

Dharana (concentration)

Dhyana (meditation/absorption)

Samadhi (complete integration of the higher self)

One Hour Pose and Flow  

Pose and flow for stretching and strengthening with conscious  breathing for a mixed skill level group. Specific skill based lessons, relaxations, or other intention based lessons available upon consultation


90 Minute Hatha Yoga Lesson

A flow routine to get the body bending in each direction and the breath deepening. Vinyasa option based on skill level. Next giving focal attention to specific skills and individual attention to understand asana deeper: to understand the intention of the pose better and understand the self better in relationship to the pose.

Option for a short restful section. Option for more specific pranayama/breath instruction. Opportunity for meditation.


Two Hour Hatha Yoga Lesson

There are different ways we can format this.

The first and the second hours can have a different pace and different intention. Two hours of hard vinyasa is an option per tradition and per skill level. A restful second half and targeted therapeutic stretching is a good option. Option: Dharma talk on philosophy such as duality/balance, the layers of the self, and conscious living. Option: meditation.


several hours or two part workshop.

We can customize this accordingly. It can be something like 90 minutes, a break, and then 90 more minutes. It can be 2.5 hours on friday followed up by 2.5 more hours on saturday for a retreat.

Let's Work Together

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