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Suction cups for therapy of soft tissues and lymph fluid of the body, originally from traditional Chinese medicine. Think of it as reverse deep tissue massage. We influence deeply with negatively pressure. The suction opens of space for increased blood and lymph circulation but also pulling through fascia connective tissue. There are different methods for cupping, such as a period of time spent on placing a full sets of cups in a pattern along a body part and letting them sit for a few minutes. A suction cup could be incorporated into a deep tissue massage, when a particularly stubborn trigger point is found by hand, the therapist can place a cup there and continue massaging to the next point. Taking cupping to the next dimension, with gliding oil on the body, the suction cup is placed in suction and then dragged along a line of tension in the body for a directional myofascial release. Finally, holding fascia down at a muscles attachment with a cup, we can then implement mobilization for a pin and stretch and activated release methods. See -mobilizations-.

Forge Wellness *does not* use traditional flame wick glass suction cups. These are an unnecessary complication. Today we use very effective hard plastic cups with valves and soft silicone cups that are squeezed for suction.

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