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Jason Borden testimony of Christopher Emmett LMT

When Chris got a hold of me I was having very significant physical issues. After 6 or 7 sessions now, I am a solid 60% better than I was. That’s incredible for someone with Ankylosing Spondylitis at my age.

The progress has also given me hope beyond just getting some mobility back. I have also lost quite a bit of weight with a reduction in the emotional pressure that comes from being legitimately disabled like I was rapidly becoming.

Things honestly just look a little brighter than they did when I was in such bad condition.

It is an uncommon talent that Chris possesses. Real restorative deep tissue manipulation and fascia release. Trigger point precision and thorough knowledge of anatomy.

Dude is paying attention and has some intuitive ability as well.

The true deep tissue rehabilitation level massage is a journey. It is somewhat strenuous. There is some soreness as your body adapts to the release of long-standing strain and tension.

Worth it. My flexibility is 70% of what it was a decade ago.

When Chris and I met a couple months or more ago, I was basically rigid. Now I am far healthier and better than I have been in several years as my disease has progressed so much.

I know he does some relaxation massage as well, and I am sure he is good at it.

The really big deal here is the intensive therapy that he has the knowledge to deliver.

Thanks again Chris.


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