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Not all massage therapists are the same in quality, skill, and knowledge, and unfortunately it’s not easy to see the difference at a glance.

For those of you that don’t know, I don’t take tips. This needs to be said. Yes I have taken tips in private practice. I don’t know if I come off as arrogant to any of you but I seem to be one of the few massage therapists around here that stands his ground on his value. “I’m just looking for relaxation.” Then I’m going to relax you, if you’ll believe it’s even possible. There’s no such thing as a “relaxation massage” as a modality. I do know how to teach you to relax. I’m a yogi first. I have a background working in healthcare and I take a clinical approach. I’m dedicated to personalized therapy, conscious contact with your muscles , and non-lazy-slouched body mechanics every time. Yes most of your massage therapists are bending/slouching over you instead of lengthening their stance. Why should you care? Because it is control over the pressure they deliver. Massage isn’t reiki. It’s a physical practice and it involves more than just the laying of hands.


Without you saying it I know there’s a habit of price comparing and the opposite kind of “value shopping:” how much “tit” can I get for “tat.” The thing is there’s no comparison between me and the others. I’m not selling tit. I’m selling tangible improvement in your being. If I’m not doing well in business it’s because people aren’t looking self improvement, tangible pain relief, or are just hung up on stereotypes about massage therapists. It seriously becomes embarrassing being lumped in with so many’s connotations of massage therapy.


Massage therapy school over emphasizes Swedish massage. There’s nothing inherently wrong with Swedish massage. The thing is, doing a full body Swedish massage routine is only thing massage therapy school makes you understand and therapists never really understand specific muscle therapy even though the anatomy science is there and offered, and school randomly goes over hodge-podge muscle isolation techniques without helping an understanding of when to use them and if the student is really in there the way they’re suppose to. There might be one day here and there on random modalities but it’s just an introduction. Then there’s the opportunity to seek continuing education and still the need to do the work to understand the methodology. I understand the science. I understand the principles. Then I understand the technique to be applied to any part of the body. I can trouble shoot anything or tell you what you need even if it’s not from me. I utilize myofascial release and neuro-muscular trigger point therapy and any number of other modalities. I don’t have different charges for different types of massage. Your ability to benefit from the massage will be fueled by what you can tell me about how you want to benefit from massage therapy.

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I just moved to LaMarque. I will be available similar hours as before for massaging out of a room in my house specifically for my yoga practice and massage therapy. - I rarely get multiple appointment


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